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About This Company!

agfa-682920_640 (2)This Page was created to teach you how to make a professional business decision when you decide to become a Participant In Our Mentoring Program/Sell you’re Property/Private lending/Cash Buyer/ or The 30 – 75k Program/  You will learn everything about making a wise decision about this process! 

  • We educate (YOU) on how to earn up to 11% return with an appreciation bonus.  Secured by Real Estate. 

  • How to utilize your IRA to invest in Real Estate!   

  • Your investment is secured by Real Estate which has at least 20% more value than the amount you invest.

  • In addition, you will receive a first mortgage, a promissory note that I sign, hazard insurance and title insurance.    

  • Pitts Enterprises Inc. owns a small portfolio of properties of which most were funded utilizing private investors.  Creating the 30 to 225k Program

For a Real Estate Investors to achieve an overall financial success they must continually manage, strategize a plan, review the follow steps in there (Cash Buying) Real Estate portfolio. (1). Debt Reduction, (2). Short and Long term projected income for retirement. (3). We feel investors should constantly educate themselves. In this changing economic environment, be knowledgeable of the market. (P&E) can help you achieve your financial goals. Our concerns are your concerns, Cash fixed income, using all available marketing research that is available. What you need is a detailed financial plan. Let’s create one “TODAY”

 The 30 – 225k Home Program:      Click Here:

Purpose! To Create Relationships Here and aboard! The Goal! Find Investors Around the

Globe!  The Bigger the WHY! The Smaller the HOW!


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American Real Estate Is For Sale: 

DSCN1427 Welcome to Pitts Enterprises Inc

Hello! Future Client!

I would like to welcome you to the Pitts Enterprises, an acquisition lender that finds deals (Purchases/Refinances) Nationwide on fix & flips, Buy & Hold Acquisition.

Pitts Enterprises works with brokers, real estate investors, private lenders, and anyone who would like to create wealth with Real Estate.

We understand that if you are looking to increase your income, The 30- 225K prgram is a very profitable way or creating a return on your dollar.  ((( Fix & Flip Real Estate Transactions ))) ! 

We have Five Systems Of Participation:
We have Two Systems Of Participation:

If 30- 75-K is to low!  Maybe Fix & Flip a 250 to 500K property is more to your liking!  My investment group provides half the funds necessary to complete the funding transaction.  So If you own property already we can help. 

Therefore if you decide to participant, the risk is greater, but the rewards are super fantastic! We have properties That fit this model Let’s make some Money!  For more information call the office!  708-557-9667





Documentation Needed to close, and better understand the 30 – 225K program Private Lending system.  As the buyer you will receive theses Documents below!

1. Promissory Note!
2. Title Insurance!
3. Hazard Insurance!
4. Purchase Contract! (HUD)
5. Appraisal!
6. Loan amount!
7. Rehab expenses or estimates!
8. Monthly Cash flow!
9. Property Overview!

In an effort to fund the 30 to 225k Program and strengthen this deal!  Think about these questions?  

How Is Your Investment Portfolio Looking Right Now!
How Is Your Investment Portfolio Looking Right Now!

1. How is your investment portfolio doing right How?
2. What rate of return are you earning?  
3. When would you like to start earning up to 11%, a double digit return?  
4. Do You have an IRA?  Is it self-directed? What type of hunds do you have available?  Cash, Stocks, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401K? 
5. Howwould you like to get paid? Monthly, Quarterly or Annually?

6. Have you ever heard of  Equity Trust?  
7. Do you have other forms of income other than real estate?

8. What State were you looking to invest in?  Illinois is our primary market!  
9. Are you doing commercial or residential investing now? 


Here’s the short list of properties under contract and BUYERS WAITING TO MOVE IN!  

Prime Real Estate!
Prime Real Estate!

(1) 600 block of  S. Halsted Chgo, Hts, 60411 value $84K FREE AND CLEAR: NEED $43,757.00 Renovation only!  Buyer waiting! 

(2). 500 Block of Lakewood Blvd Park Forest Il 60466 Private owner asking $35,000.00…………The Tenant that is renting right now is a VA Veteran and is looking to buy the property After Renovation.

(3). Peterson Ave. Sauk Village Il, 60411 Bank wants $25,000.00……………My offer is $16,000.00.  Waiting to close: 

(4). 107th st Chicago Il, 60628  Two Unit Building:  Current Status:  Under renovation to be sold. $45k “AS IS” 

Renovated Property: Emerging Neighborhood:
Renovated Property: Emerging Neighborhood:

First off, let’s talk about CASH-For-CASH, and why investing with Pitts Enterprises Can produce the results you want.

The easiet way to explain it is with a concept called “ Cash On Cash Return”. If I have a piece of real estate worth, say $100,000 I’ll ask you the private lender to invest 80% of that value, or $80,000. It is exactly the same thing as saying “hey Mr./Mrs./Ms. Would you lend me $80,000 If I gave you $100,000 cash to hold while I use your $80,000? Of course, they you would. The reason you would say “YES” is because the money is now  totally secured.

The same thing happens here, but instead of securing your $80,000 in cash I’m giving you $100,000 worth of Real Estate to hold while I utilize your $80,000. Makes sense! And you will receive payments on a mortgage on a property held at the register of Deeds at the county courthouse. Plus the property will also appreciate during the course of the investment.




What’s interesting is that mortgages have asset value.
What’s interesting is that mortgages have asset value.

The register of Deeds at the county courthouse holds all those mortgages in a area called a vault. They are the protector of that vault just like a bank protects cash.

So what I’m saying to you is! “Will you lend me $80,000 If I give you $100,000 to hold? I am giving you a $100,000 in the form of a mortgage on a piece of Real Estate appraised at $100,000. You will be tremendously secured.

Of course you would have the leverage. The property has it least 20% more value than the Real Estate itself. And to take this security issue one step further, what does Real Estate typically do every year? If it is purchased at a discount….It appreciates in value, If that property is worth $125,000 today, it is going to appreciate a minimum of 3% per year, and some cases much more.

How much cash is that?
How much cash is that?

How much cash it that?  Add another $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 so in year two it is worth $130,000.

For a example, you the investor has $100,000 in a Mutual Fund, you have very little control. That fund could go up or down. There is so much improprieties and mutual funds Scandals. When you become a private investor with (P&E) you have control. It’s one investor per property.

You can use your Attorney or Our Company Attorney! They have the closing checklist!


Steps to successful IRA closing! Equity Trust!  Call the office! 708-557-9667 Ask for My Pitts:

About Mr. Pitts 


Pitts Enterprises Inc. was formed in 1987!  Mr. Vincent Pitts is President/CEO

Occupation back ground! Real Estate, Financial Planner For Met: Life, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Estate Planner, Mortgage Broker For Amerifund Mortgage Inc.  (MGA) American Income Life. I also extensively studied under some of real estate industries best. I focused on single family as well as commercial property.  My training background ranged from recognizing emerging markets, private and hedge fund lending.

We have a “slogan in the office” learn more-love God-live better-think in grow rich-watch your future grow. He who holds the best technology, and systems rules the real estate market. The construction/fix & flip industry is moving forward again.

About The Company

Fix & FlipThis is Arien, P&E Inc.  This Web-Site was build by my team and I’m hoping to help you build a Website from scratch for your Fix & Flip business.
As a Real Estate Investor here in the Philippines it can be difficult to promote your ready-to-sale houses, unless your have a web-presents.  Once you commit to the mentorship program, my group will build you a beautiful Website just like this one!
This website really does look beautiful through.  It’s really professional and sleek.  It keeps up with the latest trends of web design and incorporates a lot of the design aspects of leading businesses.  Language Icon, Chat Room, and much much more!  You be the judge!  This site isn’t just about building something, it’s about building something special.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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