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Mr. Vincent Pitts
Mr. Vincent Pitts

Pitts Enterprises Inc. was formed in 1987!  Mr. Vincent Pitts is President/CEO

Occupation background! Real Estate, Financial Planner For Met: Life, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield, Estate Planner, Mortgage Broker For Amerifund Mortgage Inc.  (MGA) American Income Life. I also extensively studied under some of the real estate industries best. I focused on single family as well as commercial property.  My training background ranged from recognizing emerging markets, private and hedge fund lending.

We have a “slogan in the office” learn more-love God-live better think in grow rich-watch your future growth. He who holds the best technology and systems rule the real estate market. The construction/fix & flip industry is moving forward again.

Jimmy Merkouris
Jimmy Merkouris

Owner Of JVM Remodeling and Project Manager: And I Real Estate Investor: Primary activities: Purchase, work on all projects that have a definite outcome for profitability. Stay within the limits of the budget. Jimmy roles typically include: planning what work needs to be done, when and who’s going to do it. Hiring the subcontractors, looking at the risks involved in a particular project and managing those that are involved.



Marketing Consultant Airen Mabalod
Marketing Consultant Airen Mabalod


This is Airen, P&E Inc.  This Web-Site was built by my team and I’m hoping to help you build a WordPress website from scratch for your Fix & Flip business.

 As a Real Estate Investor here in the Philippines it can be difficult to promote your ready-to-sale houses unless you have a web presents.  Once you commit to the Mentor-Ship program, my group will build you a beautiful WordPress website just like this one!

 The website really does look beautiful through.  It’s really professional and sleek.  It keeps up with the latest trends of web design and incorporates a lot of the design aspects of leading businesses. This site isn’t just about building something, it’s about building something special.

5526 S. Well 014This individual Karen has aspired the stabilize in this field or Real Estate. Her knowledge of Real Estate in investor relations, which includes various valuation methodologies, financial Fix & Flip. Buy and Hold. Good presentation skills and entrepreneurial skills. She has developed a sense of credibility within the investor community and the organization’s management team. Excellent interpersonal communication skills and ability to explain complex topics in a clear, simple, and concise manner! Familiarity with rules and regulations and professionalism are the most critical factors. Exceptional attention to details combined with strong organizational skills, an ability to multi-task and strong follow-up skills!

5526 S. Well 048(self-employed) Partner with JVM- CARPENTER / Preforms all types of home repairs, (jack-of-all- trades), remodeling work, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tile, drywall, roofing work, siding, painting, caulking bathrooms, framing and finishing basements, estimating projects, decks, sheds, furniture assembly, light towing and hauling, etc. Working with JVM and Pitts Enterprises has been very profitable.




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