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Vincent Pitts Media Expert


About Pitts Enterprises! The Outsourcing! Hiring one Individual
About Pitts Enterprises! The Outsourcing! Hiring one Individual

One Excellent Individual!

 Hiring One Excellent Individuals! Outsourcing! Training! Mentoring! Global Connection!

Airen Trainer
Airen Trainer

This is Airen, P&E Inc.  This Web-Site was build by my team and I’m hoping to help you build a wordpress website from scratch for your Real Estate Fix & Flip business.

 As a Real Estate Investor here in the Philippines it can be difficult to promote your ready-to-sale houses, unless your have a web-presents.  Once you commit to the mentorship program, my group will build you a beautiful wordpress website just like this one!
 The website really does look beautiful through.  It’s really professional and sleek.  It keeps up with the latest trends of web design and incorporates a lot of the design aspects of leading businesses. This site isn’t just about building something, it’s about building something special.
 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Earn Why You Learn: Real Estate Investor Seeks Student!
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One Excellent Individual!   

Pitts Enterprises Inc. Hiring Manager
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Future Candidate:

Can You Add value to This Company?

Marketing Careers

Job Title: Sales Consultant
Job Function: Create Profitable Deals:
Location: Cook, Will, Counties:
Employment Type ( FULL / PART TIME):

We are hiring Two Sales Consultants for our 30-75K program, Fix & Flip Business. With the busy season winding down, we’re going the opposite of most companies and looking to hire Two additional Sales Fix & Flip Consultants. Fully training them during the winter so they are ready for our busy season that begins in March. Since there is an extended training period, previous experience is not required, but an ambitious attitude is. It’s an exciting time to join our Fix & Flip Business. Our portfolio is growing around the Cook County area. As a result, a valid driver’s license, Computer, Internet Connection and vehicle is required for this role and exceptions cannot be made.

As a new member of our team:

Obtains knowledge of different pricing within the MLS. Assist in maintaining the Availability List and Status Reports.

Fully understand the Quick Cash System:

Find Partners, with our integrated Cash Buyers, Private Lenders And Motivated Sellers list:

Qualify Partner Fit:
Segment Wholesalers:
Set Ground Rules:
Secure Your Position:
Find Deal Byers:
Find Sellers:
Sign Agreements:
Close on the Deal:
Assists in the off-site marketing program:
Make Sure Follow-up Telephone Calls:

Previous Knowledge of Real Estate sales experience a plus, but not required.

Ambitious and customer-centric attitude – the sales close may be great but the customer left with a great experience is the goal. Computer skills including: internet, e-mail, (MS Outlook) MS Excel, and MS Word.

Excellent listening, verbal/written communication skills as well as closing and follow up skills. Ability to work a flexible schedule, including Saturday!

(Commission Only)
Would you like to apply to this job?

Apply for the Sales Consultant position

If you are a College Intern And Need Money to Pay your College Fee’s and Tuition!  Copy and Paste above:  

Ya know, if these two college kids can do this so can you…

This is crazy, they made over $3,000 on their first real estate deal using NO cash and NO credit working just a couple hours a week.

I can tell ya, this is NOT rocket science here…Design For Interns (ONLY)  

2 College Kids Video PROOF

So what are you waiting for???

Pitts Enterprises Inc. Hiring Manager
Submit All Resume Here! – Project Manager – Fix & Flip
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 The Least Valuable College Majors!

30 Worst Paying College Majors: 2015:

8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment:

COLLEGE MAJORS:  Degree Choice Guide: 

The 30 to 75-K  Average Deal!  

Pitts Enterprises Inc. Purchase $25,000.00
Clients purchase $50,000.00
Down payment $7,500.00
Balance: Owner financing by P-&-E $42,500.00
10 Year term (120) with 24 month option out
Interest Rate 11%
Monthly Payment To P-&-E P-I $585.44
Credit repair company $100.00
Taxes and Ins: will be added in later!
Total of payment Received ( $585.44 X 24 = $14,050.56

$2,887.32 principle reduction

Principle Balance in 2018 $36,027.44
Monthly note income 24 = $14,050.56
Down Payment $7,500.00
Total profit $57,578.00
Private Lender – Or CoGo Cap: loan $25,000.00
Net profit $32,578.00

Your Training Will include learning The 30- 225K – Real Estate System and Fix & Flip Wholesale Model! 

Hiring One Excellent Individuals! Outsourcing! Training! Mentoring! Global Connection!


Best Regards,
Vincent Pitts, 
Pitts Enterprises Inc.


Other Videos will follow! They (May) or (May Not) be Real Estate Related!


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