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Vincent Pitts Media Expert
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Company Creditability:


Purpose! And Goals! The Bigger the WHY! The Smaller the HOW!

Our Primary Functions:  (Solve Lending Problems)!

Company Creditability

3500-2000-Woman_3_DSCN1431-lanczos3-bellAbout Pitts Enterprises Inc. And Blake Consultants Inc. 

Develop new financing strategies and solutions for an individual that are interested in creating economic opportunities! 


The Blake Consultants Development Authority will facilitate the redevelopment of acquired properties within the Cook County area. Through strategic partnerships with developers, General Contractors, Churches, Small Businesses. Our Goal is to enhance activities that promote sustainable growth within the communities we renovate and provide financing. 


5526 S. Well 051Creating economic opportunities and the area of financing real estate projects. Our objective is to promote the financial growth and independence of future homeowners. Renovating, each property and providing a management service for every property until sold. Business strategies and solutions seem critical for the new student looking for financing when their credit and employment history is not up to the normal bank’s expectations. Core services, Real Estate development, and coaching and Mentorship.  We provide the best consulting services, Facility management, Real Estate Selection, Real Estate valuation. Develop new business strategies and solutions for individual and small business that are interested in Real Estate Development. 

The Trend of Migration! 

Company Creditability

102_2207_0001As a foreign or domestic Investor, consider this!  In the Midwest, I have my demographic, of employment growth & Migration of families.  I’ve looked at many development plans introduced by most cities, new construction permits, supply and demand in the neighborhood and the trends.  I have systems that nationally lets me know what areas are people leaving and which areas people are moving into. Interest rates are still low and the demand for housing is coming back.  

Investing in a Lead Management System: 

This company has invested thousands of dollars creating a lead management system.  One that we use in-house and when you invest with us, we will have the ability to use this same system. Your function is simple to become an investor that’s it.  We take those systems I’ve already purchased and created functionality. The company squeeze page, for example, most people can and will find our site. Therefore, the probability of attracting traffic to this site is very likely.   Linking this squeeze page to my Fanpage, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blogs, Websites, will improve the traffic.  Implementing this will help create two clients per month.   At the end of the day, the point is leverage technology. 

The days of keeping a buyers list or filling out a property form by hand are over. That’s old school, it’s unnecessary and certainly is not the best use of my company time.  I need to take technology, really harness it and leverage it to the point that it can explode this business. 

 About us:

Pitts Enterprises Inc. was formed in 1987 by Vincent Pitts President and CEO.

Mr. Pitts also has a background in real estate and Insurance working as an agent for one of the largest known firms. Mr. Pitts also extensively studied under some of the real estate industries best. He focused on single family as well as commercial property. His training background ranged from recognizing emerging markets, syndication, and advanced technique such as short sells, owner finance, lease options, master leasing, subject to, etc…

Company Creditability

Mr. V. Pitts
Mr. V. Pitts: The Company Creditability

Mr. Pitts is an active coach and mentor in the Real Estate Market.  For many years displayed His ability as a Manager for American Income Life Insurance /Trainer / Consultant.  As a project Manager for move than twenty-five years. Mr. Pitts also has very extensive knowledge in the construction field, working on and coordinating projects ranging from $20,000.00 – $300,000.00 dollars +

His management background,” running construction crew’s of more than ten projects at any given time. This consisted of managing projects between 20-100 miles in distance. In 2004, Pitts, lead his crew to receive a productivity award of the year.

After studying, networking and contacting cities, State Chambers of Commerce and Economic Advisors, Pitts Enterprises Inc. has been able to target specific markets that are in the path of progress. This has allowed the company to focus on areas of growth across the country. The company continues to seek expert consultation to make substantial investments.

Urban Cities become profitable again!
Urban Cities become profitable again!

Emerging Markets can be labeled as new growth markets or correcting markets from the previous cycle downturn. There are several variables that are used to identify these markets from historic growth patterns as well as future projections that are weighed in the ultimate decision process. The demographic variables are just one component in this complex evaluation processed used.

An essential ingredient in the success of Pitts Enterprises Inc. is having a successful management of commercial properties and teams in place in whatever market the company may seek to be in at any given time. The companies seek those with special training, knowledge, expertise and knowledge of the market which is of the utmost importance. Pitts Enterprises Inc. and Blake Consultants Inc does take a unique approach to real estate by understanding the concepts of managing the management teams, finance, and marketing for long term investment. 

Thanks For A Job Well Done!
Thanks For A Job Well Done!
TRUST YOURSELF: Company Creditability

The group that receives the productivity award is measured against five or more Divisions. These groups collectively consist of over two hundred personnel.  The graded work was within the Electrical, Plumbers, and Carpenters.  Professionalism, quality and the percentage of their workload completed each month. 

The direction of leadership, together with has to team, Mr. Pitts seeks to build an infrastructure to tackle the challenges of acquiring Single Family Homes and multi-Units and commercial properties, hiring experts in finance, economics, asset management, networking and due diligence.


Pitts Enterprises Inc. seeks to identify 30 – 225K properties and commercial properties for acquisitions, management and resale. These criteria’s and the acquisitions that they produce reinforce the company’s contrarian philosophy of buying undervalued properties the have momentum plays.


High Income Stream
High Income Stream; Company Creditability

Potential High Yield Income Streams

Various Capitalization rates depending on cash requirements and potential returns.

Price Range: $30,000.00 – $75,000.00

Pitts Enterprises Inc. And Blake Consultants Inc. will also consider the Assumption of existing mortgages.


# 1 multifamily residential apartment

# 2 Size Ranges – Single Family Homes to 20-150 + units

# 3 Age – Any age but preferably properties constructed in the late 70’s to mid 80’s

# 4 Roofs – Pitched Construction

# 5 Minimum occupancy 80% however, Pitts Enterprises Inc. will consider lower occupancy on properties that require renovation, if the properties are well located and present value enhancement opportunities.

VALUE ADD – Pitts Enterprises Inc. consistently looks to acquire valuable properties throughout the County area.



Time To Think Success
Think success  Company Creditability                   

The company seeks to work with teams who are well educated and experience in leasing, maintenance, and the coordination of on-site and regional management.

Pitts Enterprises Inc is dedicated to real estate investing for the protection and enhancement of investment capital. Our expertise in commercial properties and the hands on approach with our management teams will produce a solid company that is dedicated to quality and performance which will result in success and a strong foundation for our investors and company.

Real Estate Investing- Pitts Enterprises Inc.

Company Creditability


These are some of our investor’s portfolios located in several emerging markets throughout several different States.

DOVE Tree Portfolio 200 units/- $18.8 MILL.

3500-2000-DSCN0688-triangleThe Complex Portfolio: 552 Units / – $21.9 MILL.

The Complex Portfolio is three properties.   These properties consist of, Hunters Ridge, and shopping mall:  200 units built in 1982; 124 units built in 1973 and Windsor Place, 228 units built in 1982
Attached is what Mr. Eric A. Taylor supervisor’s had to say about his work performance and integrity.

Provide Character and Real Estate Investing Testimonials.

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