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Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate: Money you can make just by referring! A VA For Hiring!
Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate: Money you can make just by referring! Financing Your Next Project! 
Funding (YES)
Funding (YES)

Welcome Visitor, My name is Vincent Pitts President of Pitts Enterprises Inc.  This is our Referral Program!  If you know people with a Housing problems, you can help them!  Read and click, Money is made! this referral system is Designed for one Purpose! Create wealth,” and get you out of Debt:  If you take the time, to navigate around this site.  Real Estate is back, look around you.  The same people that lost their money in 2008 are at it again!  Buying Real Estate! Single Family Homes, Multi-Units, Commercial, Pennies on a dollar.  Never in the history of this country has foreign investor so eager to invest in Hedge Funds, Wall Street!  Buying Real Estate!  The Third Richest Man in the World Thinks it’s a good idea!  Mr. Warren Buffett Just Made A Huge Bet On The U.S. Housing Market…..( Warren Buffett ) Quotes for Real Estate Investors!   The Buffett’s philosophy on investing.

Click and Read! /click on each major city and visit the percentage of vacancy!  look at Illinois and the top 10 cities with the highest foreclosures.     Five Economists Forecast the 2015 Housing Market.  Moody’s Analytics: Single-family rental growth will accelerate!  Second chance for Home Ownership!  Solving the problem!  Educational achievement; Civic participation; Health benefits;  lower Crime rate;  Public assistance; and Property maintenance and improvement. Eye on Housing!   Good Housing Leads To Good Health! ………..

Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate
Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate

*Fortune Magazine

* Retirement Articles

*Wall Street Journal

*USA Today    

*Money Magazine


The whole world understands that there’s profit in a down market.  And profits are made from a housing Bull Market.   Look at the indicators! CNN, Wall-Street Journal, Forbes,  Click above for proof!  You will find all the information about Fix & Flip Buy & hold system that has made me and my family allot money.  If you’re struggling, in Foreclosure this could be your way out, and back on track financially.  Life’s a choice, what will you do with this opportunity.  Let’s Create Charity, I want to say this,  first, let me tell you why it’s important participant!  Many of me Real Estate Investors want more Clients, Partners.  The result is they make more money!  The Goal is to provide for individuals that want to earn money.  Referring is the way to add new members, people that need a second chance, are looking for the first home.  Tired of renting, month after month!  So a token of our gratitude is to compensate you!  It’s called a Referral Fee.

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Here’s The step by step Process! 
1. Click on the above (LINK:) Register Yourself first!  Sign up by indicating your desire to participant!  By clicking above will automatically create an approved!  

2. I’ll send you an affiliate link:  “One of the marketing tool that we made”  Direct that person to this webpage, and when they Opt, in, our company will take it from there.  It’s that easy!  If they by any services, we will let you know.   

3. Let him or her sign up through that special link: 

4. And repeat the process as much as you want! 

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Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate: Money you can make just by referring! Financing Your Next Project!
Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate: Money you can make just by referring! Financing Your Next Project!
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