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The website really does look beautiful through. It’s really professional and sleek.
The website really does look beautiful through. It’s really professional and sleek.

About The Company

Welcome To Our Website! Earn Why You Learn: Real Estate Investor Seeks Student!  Apply at 


About This Company!

agfa-682920_640 (2)This site was created to teach you how to make a professional business decision when you decide to apply for lending.  You’ll also be using a free application call Pittsprivatemoney.  You will learn everything you need to listen to make a wise decision about borrowing money:

About The Company


  • Setup Hosting For Your Real Estate Business
  • Setup & Customize That Perfect WebSite
  • Find Cash Buyers
  • NEW TEAM ( P& E ) INC
    NEW TEAM ( P& E ) INC
    Find Private Lendings
  • Find Motivated Sellers
  • 30 to 75k Program

Your New Key To Your Home:
Your New Key To Your Home:

 Visualize the Key to your New Home:


Purpose! And Goals! The Bigger the WHY! The Smaller the HOW!

Solving Lending Problems!


Real Estate Conference Dakar Resort Philippines:


Pastor Juniel Lagata:  Assembly Of God Church:


About The Company


Our Primary Functions is to Solve Lending Problems



Welcome to Pitts Enterprises Inc

Hello! Future Client!

I would like to welcome you to the Pitts Enterprises, an acquisition lender that finds deals (Purchases/Refinances) Nationwide on fix & flips, Buy & Hold, Acquisition.

Pitts Enterprises works with brokers, real estate investors, private lenders, and anyone else who would like to create wealth with Real Estate.

We understand that if you are looking for Fix & Flip funding on real estate investment properties.

Click on the number third link below! The private money We can solve your funding problem.

Therefore if you don’t have a property under contract and just looking for more information, our funding guidelines are provided below and be sure to contact us as soon as you get a property under contract. Or fix up a present project you are working on.


I’ve also attached a couple of documents that will help educate you on how to become a successful investor and the borrowing process with Pitts Enterprises Inc. We want committed borrowers and want to build long-term relationships. I look forward to speaking to you soon Have a great day!

Snapshot_20130131_3Documentation Needed to Begin Funding Process:

1. Completed Application
2. 2 Month’s current bank statements
3. Guarantor’s Information (ID, LLC info, etc)
4. Purchase Contract (If applying for Purchase)
(Scroll to the bottom for attached files)

In an effort to fund your deal more quickly and help strengthen the quality of your deal, we have listed below a series of highly productive and frequently asked questions that our company may ask for our funding department as they market your loan depending on the size of the loan. Please respond to all of the questions below that are applicable to your loan. By answering these questions, we hope to expedite the funding of your loan:


1. Why are you buying this property?
2. How much do you plan to make on this project?
3. How many projects have you completed this year?
4. How much did you make on your last deal?
5. What do you know about the local market to help a lender from across the country fund this loan?

6. What do you do for a living?
7. Do you have other forms of income other than real estate?
Pre-Qualifying & Basic Loan Process
1. What State were you looking to invest in?
2. Are you doing commercial or residential investments?

Windy Here, I'll be Glad To Help You!
Windy Here, I’ll be Glad To Help You!

1. We loan up to 65% LTV of purchase and Renovation cost.
2. We are a short-term lender anywhere from 6 to 24 months in term
3. We run our own appraisals (which is paid for by the client upon approval of the deal).  Which is prior to closing)
4. We require one up-front application fee $1,495.00!
5. We only do business to business lending (LLC or Corporation)(If you do not currently have this setup, it must be done prior to closing)
6. We have no Pre-payment penalty fees
7. We can provide proof of funds if needed to acquire the property
8. We don’t lend to primary residence (Owner-Occupied)
9. The other 20% + closing costs can be made up with hard cash, a line of credit, another lender/partner willing to take 2nd position, if you own a property free & clear (can use as collateral), or we may be willing to do a seller carry-back at 65% of LTV

10. We don’t need a credit report to make a loan!!!


About The Company

Must have the property under contract to complete loan process!!
***We like our borrowers to have a good exit strategy & have the ability to service the loan while it is active (2 months bank statements)***

New Construction & Raw land funding:

We can only fund new construction & raw land funding if you have free & clear assets available that have enough value to cover 120 – 150% of the construction bid/cost. This will be placed in escrow with a scheduled draw until the job is complete.

Rehab funding: Free and Clear Properties:

5526 S. Well 048We will provide up to 55% of the LTV on rehab funding if the borrower has free & clear assets available to cross-collateralize the deal.


We can provide up to 50% of the current as-is market value and provide cash-out financing based on the value of your free & clear property!!

We can fund up to 65% of the current as-is market value and provide rehab financing based on the value of your free & clear property!!

No seasoning requirements for all refinances! International funding unavailable:

We do not lend outside of the U.S. – If you have U.S. based entity and opportunity is within the U.S., we will consider working with you.

About The Company

Fix & Flip


This is Airen, P&E Inc.  This Web-Site was built by my team and I’m hoping to help you build a WordPress website from scratch for your Fix & Flip business.

As a Real Estate Investor here in the Philippines it can be difficult to promote your ready-to-sale houses unless you have a web presents.  Once you commit to the Mentorship program, my group will build you a beautiful WordPress website just like this one!
The website really does look beautiful through.  It’s really professional and sleek.  It keeps up with the latest trends of web design and incorporates a lot of the design aspects of leading businesses. This site isn’t just about building something, it’s about building something special.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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