Fix & Flip Buy & Hold
Property Sold!  30-225k Program Success! Fix & Flip Buy & Hold

629 South Halsted!
600 South Halsted Property!

fix & flipProperty Sold: ($62,400.00 )

600 Block Of South Halsted St, Chicago, Heights IL, 60411.
Brick 3 Beds, 1 Bath, Full Basement! Unfinished,5,248 SQ-FT…..1.5 Story Home lot: 5,248 sqft. Single Family, Last Sold: October 2002 for $91,000.00. Parking Driveway: One Car Brick Garage, Sold on the 30 – 225-K program.

On the market for $29,900
Accepted offer: $13,100.00

Taxes and other fees were paid at closing. This is a example of the profitability of the 30-225-k program.

Purchase: $13,000.00 + ancillary Cost; $5,467.00 total acquisition price $18,567.00
Sold price: $62,400.00

Immediate profit $23,833.00
if homeowner refinances or pays the Note off early! That would be great!



Quick Review! IRA 401K
Use Your IRA or 401-K Or CASH For This Property

You The investor, contributes the funds, and earn a nice ROI on your money.

Total Payments: 10 years $900.00  X 120 months = $108,000.00

Taxes and Insurance paid by the purchaser, all repairs paid by the purchaser: We function like the Bank: Collect a Check each and every month.

The Facts: Purchaser Mr. “D – G” New owner renovates the house! Pitts Enterprises is simply a provider of houses, which create Home ownership first time Home Owners.  Building back the neighborhoods.  That’s the GOAL:   

Marketing Consultant
Property Marketing Consultant

Articles of Agreement 10 years!
Mortgage Note: $58,400.00
Down payment: (Paid) $4,000.00
Mortgage Amount: $58,400.00
Actual Payment Principle and interest: $900.00

10 year note at 11%
Lexington Law firm per month Credit report: $79.00
Taxes per month: $332.00
Insurance: $74.98 Per Month paid by the Home Owner 
Total mortgage note per month $1,385.98



This Property Makes Since! YOU DO THE MATH:

Pitts Enterprises Inc, pays cash for the Houses. We identify Bank REO, and Private Sellers who must sell. Over the years many of these properties are not on the MLS. As a results paying cash create the capacity for deep discounts. Our discounts reach from 30 – 50% off market prices. We work backwards. We find buyers first then we go shopping for homes! No stress! No Over-head.  Properties are not vandalized waiting for a buyer to move in.

Think of this, If you purchased a house in today market for $100,000.00 No renovating, Sell that house for $200-K $300-K Would that be possible. I doubt it. That’s not today’s market.
My business model is simple, Buy at 15 – 30-K sell for 30 – 75-K on articles of agreement. With full disclosures, and full transparencies! They know what this company paid for the property and they fully understand the circumstances of their purchase price.


165 S Normandy Sold Price $80-K 960-SquareFeet
67 E Glengate Ave Sold Price $83-K 1090-SqFt
501 S Mayfair Sold Price $88-K 1074-SqFt
31 Charing Cross Rd Sold Price $88-K 1074-SqFt
500 Grosvenor Pl Sold Price $90-K 1074-SqFt
483 Joe Orr Rd Sold Price $103-K 1100-SqFt

629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 081

629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 087629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 089629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 078







629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 076629 S. Halsted and 10750 So Hoxie Before and After 080














Let's look at the Due-Diligenc
Let’s look at the Property Due-Diligence

Important considerations: Assessor records report 754-Sq-Ft for the subject. A true measurement is 965-sq feet the dimensions are off.




Collateral DNA Property Scan:


Take a good look at this DNA report it’s actually a simplified appraisal without the pictures. Low cost 40k high-cost 84k.


The Team
The Team




Purpose! And Goals! The Bigger the WHY! The Smaller The HOW! 

We Solve Lending Problems!

And Provide Mortgages:  

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