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Vincent Pitts Media Expert
Vincent Pitts Media Expert

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30-225K Program Buy & Hold

Earn Why You Learn: Real Estate Investor Seeks Student! Apply Here: 


I’ve also attached a couple of documents that will help educate you on how to become a successful investor and the borrowing process with Pitts Enterprises Inc. We want committed borrowers and want to build long-term relationships. 

Financing $150,000 Line of Credit!
Financing $30-225K 

Documentation Needed to Begin Funding Process:

1. Completed Application
2. 2 Month’s current bank statements
3. Guarantor’s Information (ID, LLC info, etc)
4. Purchase Contract (If applying for Purchase)
(Scroll to the bottom for attached files)

In an effort to fund your deal more quickly and help strengthen the quality of your deal, we have listed below a series of highly productive and frequently asked questions that our company may ask of our funding department as they market your loan depending on the size of the loan. Please respond to all of the questions below that are applicable to your loan. By answering these questions, we hope to expedite the funding of your loan:

Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate: Money you can make just by referring! Financing Your Next Project!
Become a (P&E) Inc Affiliate:  Partner Let’s Finance Your Next Project!

1. Why are you buying this property?
2. How much do you plan to make on this project?
3. How many projects have you completed this year?
4. How much did you make on your last deal?
5. What do you know about the local market to help a lender from across the country fund this loan?


6. What do you do for a living?
7. Do you have other forms of income other than real estate?
Pre-Qualifying & Basic Loan Process
1. What State were you looking to invest in?
2. Are you doing commercial or residential investments?

Building something Together
Building Something Together

1. We loan up to 65% LTV of purchase and Renovation cost.
2. We are a short-term lender anywhere from 6 to 24 months in term
3. We run our own appraisals (which is paid for by the client upon approval of the deal). Which is prior to closing)
4. We require one up-front application fee $1,495.00!
5. We only do business to business lending (LLC or Corporation)(If you do not currently have this setup, it must be done prior to closing)
6. We have no Pre-payment penalty fees
7. We can provide proof of funds if needed to acquire the property
8. We don’t lend to primary residence (Owner-Occupied)
9. The other 20% + closing costs can be made up with hard cash, a line of credit, another lender/partner willing to take 2nd position, if you own a property free & clear (can use as collateral), or we may be willing to do a seller carry-back at 65% of LTV

10. We don’t need a credit report to make a loan!!!

Project Under Contract
Project Under Contract

Must have the property under contract to complete loan process!!
We like our borrowers to have a good exit strategy & have the ability to service the loan while it is active (2 months bank statements)***

New Construction & Raw land funding:

We can only fund new construction & raw land funding if you have free & clear assets available that have enough value to cover 120 – 150% of the construction bid/cost. This will be placed in escrow with a scheduled draw until the job is complete.

Rehab funding: Free and Clear Properties:

We will provide up to 55% of the LTV on rehab funding if the borrower has free & clear assets available to cross-collateralize the deal.


We can provide up to 50% of the current as-is market value and provide cash-out financing based on the value of your free & clear property!!

We can fund up to 65% of the current as-is market value and provide rehab financing based on the value of your free & clear property!!

No seasoning requirements for all refinance! International funding unavailable:

We do not lend outside of the U.S. – If you have U.S. based entity and opportunity is within the U.S., we will consider working with you.


30 – 225K Program Cash Buyers: 


FIX & FLIP Buy & Hold 30-75 k  program

This site was created to better inform you of the importance of being a Private Lender: And a better Cash Buyer.  With the interest in participating in the 30 -225K program!  “When have you looked again at buying that next investment property?  Investing in Real Estate has a long lasting appreciation.  Great asset value! 

Compared to a stock or mutual funds: (Remember 2008)! They have value, but they don’t have asset value. They are secured by nothing. The beauty of investing in real estate is that the property is your insurance against loss. That’s security! Which you already know!  

Your Stock and Bonds are an investment that is secured by something that has the same value than the money you put on it.“ The general public does not realize that they can utilize their IRA to invest in Real Estate. There was an article that came out in the Wall Street Journal titled simply “Self Direct That IRA”. Which is actually easy to accomplish.

3500 X 2000 Silde_14__Manila_Philippines_292-bicubicWe encourage you to look at “Equity Trust” a 3rd party administrator with $500 million in IRA funds and I’m synced up to do business with them. Since the stock market correction, 3% of the 3.5 Trillion held in IRA’s is now in alternative investments…Fortune Magazine estimates their assets at rate custodians are growing, almost 30% annually.

*Fortune Magazine

* Retirement Articles

*Wall Street Journal

*USA Today    

*Money Magazine

30 – 225K Program Buy & Hold


The Strategist! Cash On Cash Return
The Strategist! Cash On Cash Return

*Top Ten Growing Cook County Cities:

Strength Of local Markets Cook County:

* US News & World Report:

 Let’s create a housing solution:

30 – 225K Program Cash Buyers

*Invest Outside the BOX”

 Kiplinger Magazine” also mentioned, “Invest Your IRA In Real Estate“. It goes on to say that “ the reason why people don’t know about this is that they are unaware” The question is, when would you like to start earning more than what the banks are paying? Your retirement could be around the corner. Your protected three ways! First Mortgage, a Promissory Note, that I sign, Hazard Insurance.

30 – 225K Program Buy & Hold 

Fix & Flip
Fix & Flip

I offer my company Credibility!Click Here! “Credibility Kit”

*Company Overview
*Bio On Principles of Company
*Portfolio of Properties
*Testimonial Letters

DSCN1299 (1)CLICK ON THE LINK: GET YOUR SHARE OF THE $150,000.00 Line Of Credit!
Fix and flip money
SEED CAPITAL:  $150,000.00

Great Partners
Great Partners








Homes in Sauk Village: Why this is an Emerging Market for the Future! Fully Renovated homes under market value!

Your Positioning
Your Positioning
Profits Are Up!
Profits Are Up!






CHICAGO — Hispanics have become Illinois’ largest minority group, 2010 Census data released Tuesday show, and the city of Chicago lost almost 7% of its residents over the past decade.

30 – 225K Program Buy & Hold!sf=1%2C2%2C5%2C6%2C3®ion_id=29510®ion_type=6&market=chicago

Homes in Dolton Illinois: Another Emerging Market! I know what you are thinking: We looked again and see what others don’t see:

Here’s the big problem Pitts Enterprises Inc Can Solve!  ” Unresolved foreclosure cases” Piling up in Cook County! Lower-income to Middle-Class Homeowners.  There have the highest numbers of affected properties, study says!

January 22, 2014,|By Mary Ellen Podmolik, Tribune report

As many as 8,000 residential properties in Cook County, including 4,000 in Chicago, have been in foreclosure for at least three years without resolution, new data show, a situation that could further deteriorate already scarred communities.

Many of those properties that seem to get stuck — or abandoned — in the foreclosure process are in lower-income areas where annual household income is $49,000 or less, according to a study by Woodstock Institute.  

Some of the at-risk houses, condos and apartment buildings are vacant, and the lenders have likely abandoned the foreclosure cases. Some continue to be inhabited while in foreclosure. Others are still in foreclosure while lenders consider short sales.

“You’re stuck in this situation where nobody really has a long-term interest in the property,” said Spencer Cowan, a vice president at the Chicago-based public policy and research group and one of the report’s authors. “The titleholder knows it may be taken at any time. The servicer doesn’t own it and may never own it. They may release the lien or just let it sit.”

Mortgage servicers filed foreclosure cases against about 228,400 Houses, Condos, and apartment buildings in Cook County between 2008 and 2012, according to Woodstock. Its research, though, looked only at the roughly 135,000 cases filed between 2008 and 2010 because of the long time it typically takes to process a foreclosure case through the county’s court system.



Moody’s Analytic’s:



Fix & Flip
Fix & Flip Buy & Hold 30-225k program

Average Home In Chicago Heights Purchased for $6,500.00 Sold for $43,900.00 Same year!

You do the Math!


Fix & flip
Fix & flip







Homes in Chicago Heights Illinois! Sometimes you land in a city and even though you are there for a totally different purpose, something just feels right. We own three houses there and the 30 to 75K program is alive and functioning, and very profitable.,pf_pt/55487_rid/41.603634,-87.467309,41.278838,-88.140221_rect/10_zm/


(1). The introductory:  Web-page Charity!  Will provide you the prospective investor information to review.

(2). Investment Highlights, steps that are involved with this transaction!

55th street Real Estate Project JVM Remodeling 003

55th street Real Estate Project JVM Remodeling 004 55th street Real Estate Project JVM Remodeling 005 55th street Real Estate Project JVM Remodeling 006 55th street Real Estate Project JVM Remodeling 007 71st street Project Chicagoland Area 001 71st street Project Chicagoland Area 002 71st street Project Chicagoland Area 003 71st street Project Chicagoland Area 004





























(3). Real Investment Examples: Actual real properties that are now secured, sold to a family. This Company has a system of working backward, we find the buyers first! Then we find the house! We purchased the house from the Bank Foreclosures, FSBO, REO’s Short Sales! The property is then sold on a 12 – 24-month lease-With-Option to buy agreement! New Owner renovates the property Fix’s their credit for

30 – 225K Program Private Lenders 

Traditional financing and we receive a Nice ROI Return-On-Invest! Click Here to better understand. (What is ROI)

Unique Ideas:  

Our Strategy:

Let's Be Serious
Let’s Be Serious
The Market Is coming Back
The Market Is coming Back

Pitts Enterprises Inception: 2007:  Explaining The 30 -225k Program 

During the housing market collapse of 2008, Pitts Enterprises recognized the value of investing in distressed real estate within the Cook County area. We currently manage many homes for Income and Opportunity. That asset is primarily residential REO properties located in low-income communities throughout Cook County. Our strategy is to maximize the assets by investing in as many Off-Market Houses’s  as possible during this period! Our strategy is simple. Secure low purchase prices and then provide financing or resell each property quickly for cash creating a marketing within the 30 to 75k program.

We Work Backwards! How it Works:  Explaining The 30 -225k Program

Properties will be acquired in bulk packages and individual purchase’s via Pitts Enterprises Cook County network of qualified lenders, loan servicing companies, and government agencies. Following an acquisition, we have buyers waiting to purchase these properties. We then execute resell strategies in the wholesale and retail markets. Our hold time is Between the 3 to 10 years. We sell the asset on a land contract! The notes secured by deeds of trust or mortgages. Mortgages/Notes are sold to the private investor and secondary markets. The current buyers have the option to exercise the first option and purchase the residence! Pitts Enterprises strives to generate an all-cash price on each property at 80% of its face value. We anticipate liquidating all properties and mortgages and distributing cash and other assets to investors within five years.

The Quintessential Person. Is That You?
The Quintessential Person. Is That You?

Benefits: Of Pitts Enterprises Inc. Explaining The 30 -225k Program Buy & Hold

1.  Steady income in combination with sophisticated growth potential.
2. Strong, Cook County network of industry professionals to move properties Quickly and            Profitably.
3. One Participate by property.
4. Professional, account management.
5. Our involvement in this process is simple, help low-income families own their own homes,        often for less than it would cost them to rent.


Preferred Interests Offered 11%
Minimum Investment $25,000
Monthly payment includes (Principle and Interest)
Maximum Offering Per Acquisition: $40,000.00
Anticipated Return 18% – 26% Annually
Monthly, Quarterly interest (Paid)
Final Distributions of asset 20% of profit margin!
Term of Fund 3 to 10 years


Are You Looking for Motivated Sellers?
Are You Looking for Motivated Sellers?

When we started the Pitts Enterprises Real Estate Income & Opportunity in 2007, Mr. Pitts the CEO believed that the window to purchase distressed real estate assets within Cook County would last approximately Three to five years. However, that has changed, we now believe that the opportunity to purchase these types of assets will exist between 12 to 18 months! Your 401k, IRA or cash could very well earn larger income potential with Real Estate Investing. With that in mind, we encourage you to participate.

The national real estate market continues to improve! Money from outside the USA is pouring into this country from foreign investors. The demand for housing in American is increasing. If you’re a Investors looking for consistently higher paying investments, secured by Real Estate, with the name on the Title, and Loss payee, with a comparable fixed income return. Then join or group and participate in the Non-Performing assets will be generating for life. Distressed properties, supported by objective selling off the asset within three to five years.

As we mentioned last quarter, we made the strategic decision to maintain or assets and continue to create (higher) profits rather than liquidating them at a discount. ____________________________________________________________

Snapshot_20130131_2Explaining The 30 -225k Program Buy & Hold HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS:
For this opportunity to work:  You the investor decide the amount you want to invest in the project. If you don’t like the Property don’t invest. If the property meets your expectation move forward. We then purchase the property and create a Mortgage for the new buyer. They pay a Note, including taxes and insurance to (P&E)!  All loans are secured against the borrowers’ equity at a maximum loan-to-value ratio of 65%.

For REO wholesale deals! Retail investors purchase preferred properties from our inventory of properties under contract!

The assets are liquidated at the end of the term, whereupon all cash is distributed to the investors. Distribution guidelines vary among INVESTMENT STRATEGY.


Participation in the 30 to 225-k program offered exclusively to investors that can meet minimum standards! Purchase Minimum $25,000.00

Current income, not required!

– OR –

Self-Directed retirement accounts such as IRA, 401K, Profit Sharing, and Pensions provide a great way to invest funds while maintaining the tax advantages of the original accounts. Pitts Enterprises Real Estate portfolio has grown over the last five years. Funds have been approved by Equity Trust custodians for self-directed investment accounts:


First off, let’s me explain the Private Lenders Program Buy & Hold.  Let’s start with investing with (P&E) The easier way to explain it is a concept called “Cash-for-Cash”. If I have a piece of Real Estate Worth, say $100,000.00 I’ll ask you the private lender to invest 80% of that value, “Hey Bob, would you lend me $80,000 If I gave you $100,000.00 cash to hold while I use your $80,000? Of course, you would. Anybody would,’’ because the money is more than totally secured.

The same mindset happens here, but instead of securing your $80,000 in cash I am giving you $100,000 worth of Real Estate. To hold while! I utilize the $80,000.00 for a 12 – 120 month period. Also, you will receive monthly payments on that mortgage on that property, held at the Register Of Deeds at the County Courthouse. The property will also appreciate during the course of the investment.

This is the key to understanding the power of this program. You the Private Lender has the power of first lien position if you finance the whole project. So when I say to you in essence “will you lend me $80,000 if I give you $100,000 to Hold? I will give you documentations in the form of a mortgage on a piece of Real Estate appraised at $100,000. You will be tremendously secured.

Gallery of Properties Purchased and Sold:

This is a quick overview of a successful IRA Transaction:

*Forms to send to custodian
*Direction of investment forms (Custodian FBO Lender name IRA)
*Sample of Deed of Trust (Attorney)
*Custodian Fees and holding costs.

Let’s discuss IRA closings. Traditional IRA’s ROTH, SEPP, simple and others, any type of retirement account are allowed to be utilized to purchase real estate but must be handled properly. You will need to set up retirement accounts with a third party custodian that will allow self-direction of your funds into non-traditional retirement investments like real estate. Equity Trust is my choice unless you the private lender has your own!

30 – 225K Program Buy & Hold

Any Question call our office. 708-557-9667

Other Videos will follow! They (May) or (May Not) be Real Estate Related!


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